Sunday, August 19, 2012

Google PayPal

We are not able to process your payment using your

PayPal account at this time. Please return to the

recipient's website to complete your transaction using

their regular checkout flow.

The server's security certificate is not yet valid!
You attempted to reach, but the

server presented a certificate that is not yet valid. No

information is available to indicate whether that

certificate can be trusted. Google Chrome cannot

reliably guarantee that you are communicating with and not an attacker. Your computer's

clock is currently set to Saturday, 18 August 2001

19:31:02. Does that look right? If not, you should

correct any error the refresh this page.
You cannot proceed because the website operator has

requested heightened security for this domain.

There Was An Error With Your Request

Sorry, the email related to that Google account already

exists in our database.

Please try logging in below, or sign up with a different

email address.

This Connection is Untrusted
          You have asked Firefox to connect
securely to, but we can't confirm

that your connection is secure.
          Normally, when you try to connect securely,
sites will present trusted identification to prove that

you are
going to the right place. However, this site's identity

can't be verified.
          What Should I Do?
            If you usually connect to
this site without problems, this error could mean that

someone is
trying to impersonate the site, and you shouldn't


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