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Operation Failed!: failed to open file C:\inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs\etm\templates\phosphorus\params.ini for writing.

This error can appear if a default printer has not been designated or if the application is unable to locate an existing default printer. To correct this problem, try one of the following in Microsoft Windows:
If a printer is not available in the Print dialog box, add a printer.
If the application cannot find an existing printer that is already installed, set the printer as the default printer.
If a default printer is installed but the application is unable to use it, uninstall the printer driver, and then install the latest version of the printer driver.
If the printer is on a print server, make sure the printer is available, the network is functioning, the server is not stalled, the printer is not out of paper, or the printer is not suspended by the administrator. Printing issues associated with a network printer are best handled by your local network administrator.
For more information about setting up and troubleshooting printer connections, see Windows Help and Support. (Click the Start button, and then click Help and Support.)

You cannot send more than 10 connection request per day.

jtablesession::Store Failed
DB function failed with error number 1146
Table 'jtheme.jos_session' doesn't exist SQL=INSERT INTO `jos_session` ( `session_id`,`time`,`username`,`gid`,`guest`,`client_id` ) VALUES ( '092324684f2972bf5d79b5ad36152615','1320841511','','0','1','0' )
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 44 bytes) in E:\xampp\htdocs\Siteshaper_Shape5_Phosphorus\libraries\joomla\error\exception.php on line 117

/* v1.4.3 1. changed how _cmSplit is handled a bit so that _cmNoClick can work
properly. All splits in predefined themes are changed to use
_cmNoClick instead of _cmNoAction.
/* v1.4.2 1. fixed _cmNoClick mouse hoover bug.
2. fixed a statusbar text problem that cause text to disappear when
hoovering mouse within the same menu item.
3. changed the behavior of cmDrawFromText s.t. if the title of the
of a link is empty, the actual url is used as text. To clear
this link information, title needs to be ' '.
/* v1.4.1 1. fixed a problem introduced in 1.4 where re-entering a main menu
item which doesn't have a child can disable its hover setting.
Apparently I deleted an extra line of code when I was doing
cleaning up. Reported by David Maliachi and a few others.
/* JSCookMenu v1.4 1. fixed a minor td cell closure problem. Thanks to Georg Lorenz
for discovering that.
2. added clickOpen to nodeProperties. See _cmNodeProperties for
description. Basically menus can be opened on click only.
3. added an ability to draw menu from an html node instead of a javascript
tree, making this script search bot friendly (I hope?).
/* JSCookMenu v1.31 1. fix a bug on IE with causes submenus to display at the top
left corner due to doctype. The fix was provided by
Burton Strauss .
/* JSCookMenu v1.3 1. automatically realign (left and right) the submenu when
client space is not enough.
2. add _cmNoClick to get rid of menu closing behavior
on the particular menu item, to make it possible for things
such as search box to be inside the menu.
/* JSCookMenu v1.25 1. fix Safari positioning issue. The problem is that all TR elements are located
at the top left corner. Thus, need to obtain the "virtual"
position of these element could be at.
/* JSCookMenu v1.24 1. fix window based control hiding bug
thanks to Felix Zaslavskiy for the fix.
/* JSCookMenu v1.23 1. correct a position bug when the container is positioned.
thanks to Andre for narrowing down
the problem.
/* JSCookMenu v1.22 1. change Array.push (obj) call to Array[length] = obj.
Suggestion from Dick van der Kaaden to
make the script compatible with IE 5.0
2. Changed theme files a little to add z-index: 100 for sub
menus. This change is necessary for Netscape to avoid
a display problem.
3. some changes to the DOM structure to make this menu working
on Netscape 6.0 (tested). The main reason is that NN6 does
not do absolute positioning with tables. Therefore an extra
div layer must be put around the table.
/* JSCookMenu v1.21 1. fixed a bug that didn't add 'px' as part of coordinates.
JSCookMenu should be XHTML validator friendly now.
2. removed unnecessary display attribute and corresponding
theme entry to fix a problem that Netscape sometimes
render Office theme incorrectly
/* JSCookMenu v1.2. 1. fix the problem of showing status in Netscape
2. changed the handler parameters a bit to allow
string literals to be passed to javascript based
3. having null in target field would cause the link
to be opened in the current window, but this behavior
could change in the future releases
/* JSCookMenu v1.5. added ability to hide controls in IE to show submenus properly */
/* JSCookMenu v1.01. cmDraw generates XHTML code */

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