joomla theme bugs

Bug Fixes
[JATCNORITEJ16-125] - Layout missing style and logo when compress JS & Css
[JATCNORITEJ16-126] - Menu is not applied global font
[JATCNORITEJ16-127] - [bulletin] Some parameters dont work property
[JATCNORITEJ16-129] - Cant show multiple capcha on quickcontact module
[JATCNORITEJ16-130] - [quickcontact] css error on contact page
[JATCNORITEJ16-132] - Cant send email when using ajax sending
[JATCNORITEJ16-135] - RTL_css error on category page
[JATCNORITEJ16-136] - Read more button displays error on blog page
[JATCNORITEJ16-137] - RTL_css error on login form
[JATCNORITEJ16-138] - RTL_Css error on comment
[JATCNORITEJ16-139] - Got js error when login via comment on IE8,9
[JATCNORITEJ16-140] - iphone_error on category list page
[JATCNORITEJ16-144] - Error with bullet button
[JATCNORITEJ16-145] - [Categories] Layout is broken in Categories List
[JATCNORITEJ16-146] - Css error in Footer area
[JATCNORITEJ16-148] - Css error in Login form in IE7
[JATCNORITEJ16-149] - [Slideshow] When show control button, then cannot click button
[JATCNORITEJ16-150] - [Comment] Cannot insert anything after insert youtube first
[JATCNORITEJ16-151] - [Comment] Css error in Comment page
[JATCNORITEJ16-152] - Missing bullet in Joomla Project page
[JATCNORITEJ16-153] - RTL_Css error when enable comment link
[JATCNORITEJ16-154] - RTL_Css error in comment page
[JATCNORITEJ16-155] - RTL_Css in menu when set dropline or split menu
[JATCNORITEJ16-156] - RTL_Css error in Resources module
[JATCNORITEJ16-157] - RTL_Css error in Edit comment form
[JATCNORITEJ16-158] - Css error in About me module
[JATCNORITEJ16-159] - RTL_Top link does not work in IE7
[JATCNORITEJ16-160] - [Slideshow] Got css error
[JATCNORITEJ16-161] - [quick contact] Got js error when click send email
[JATCNORITEJ16-162] - [Quick contact] Layout is changed when enable Ajax
[JATCNORITEJ16-163] - [Menu] Css error when change font
[JATCNORITEJ16-164] - [Comment] Some errors in Comment page
[JATCNORITEJ16-165] - RTL_Css error in Blog Category page
[JATCNORITEJ16-166] - RTL_Some errors in Comment form
[JATCNORITEJ16-167] - Css error in Typo page
[JATCNORITEJ16-168] - RTL_Css error in Contactus page when set Display options = Tabs
[JATCNORITEJ16-169] - RTL_Css error in Twitter module
[JATCNORITEJ16-170] - Iphone_Width of content is overflowed
[JATCNORITEJ16-171] - Missing border in Safari
[JATCNORITEJ16-172] - Missing bullet in Login comment form
[JATCNORITEJ16-173] - update language for quickcontact module plz
[JATCNORITEJ16-174] - Cannot input text in Contact form in IE7

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