Sunday, August 28, 2011

installation and error messages logs of all softwares

[12:44:08 PM] Action is Cleanup.
[12:44:08 PM] Removing copy directory entry from registry.
[12:44:08 PM] Removing SetupDone directory entry from registry.
[12:44:08 PM] Removing main setup registry key.
[12:44:08 PM] Attempting unregistration for "RegSvr32 /u /s C:\TempEI4\EI40_\EIServer.DLL".
[12:44:08 PM] Temp directory is "C:\TempEI4".
[12:44:08 PM] Temp file path is "C:\TempEI4\2.tmp".
[12:44:08 PM] Current file path is "C:\TempEI4\EI40_\EICleanup.exe".
[12:44:08 PM] Copied "C:\TempEI4\EI40_\EICleanup.exe" to "C:\TempEI4\2.tmp".
[12:44:08 PM] Creating tmp Process "C:\TempEI4\2.tmp -sd: 1688 "C:\TempEI4\EI40_"" in "C:\TempEI4".
[12:44:08 PM] Testing delete cfg files.
[12:44:08 PM]
Closing Log File.

[12:35:05 PM] Action is SETUP.
[12:35:05 PM] Created directory "C:\TempEI4\EI40_".
[12:35:05 PM] Set reg value for copy dir.
[12:35:05 PM] Copied "D:\SETUP.INI" to "C:\TempEI4\EI40_\CLEANUP.INI"
[12:35:05 PM] Copied "D:\EIConfig.INI" to "C:\TempEI4\EI40_\EIConfig.INI"
[12:35:06 PM] Copied "D:\EISetup.exe" to "C:\TempEI4\EI40_\EICleanup.EXE"
[12:35:06 PM] Filling from FILE_0

====================Start 'wiaservc.dll' Debug - Time: 2011/08/28 09:39:30:250====================
    *> StiServiceMain entered, Time: 2011/08/28 09:39:30:250
    RegisterEventCallback : Setting handler for *
    RegisterEventCallback : Handler is Photoshop
    CWiaItem::GetItemPropStreams, NULL internal property storage pointer
      Selected DLL = D:\software\Drivers\Chipset_INF\Lang\CHIP\ENU\ChipsetENU.dll
        [Find INFs]
          Found INF = D:\software\Drivers\Chipset_INF\All\2008s4el.inf
          Found INF = D:\software\Drivers\Chipset_INF\All\5000XZVP.inf
          Found INF = D:\software\Drivers\Chipset_INF\All\5400.inf

C:\Program Files\FlashFXP 4\FlashFXP.exe=
C:\Program Files\FlashFXP 4\libeay32.dll=
C:\Program Files\FlashFXP 4\ssleay32.dll=
C:\Program Files\FlashFXP 4\License Agreement.rtf=
C:\Program Files\FlashFXP 4\Readme.rtf=
C:\Program Files\FlashFXP 4\What's New.rtf=

C:\Program Files\FlashFXP 4\flashfxp.chm=

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FlashFXP\4\Language=


1.0.8 (2010-02-22):
    -No longer requires Administrator rights for Windows Vista / Windows 7. The only time it is needed is during software updates. (This features is only available on new installations.)
    -On Mac and Linux, user data is now stored in the home folder. (This features is only available on new installations.)
    -Added 32-bit Mac support on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.
    -Added reminder message when license is about to expire.
    -Reduced internal database log size from 70M to 4M which makes saved project files significantly smaller.
    -Fixed bug #67 - Software updates fails on Windows in some situations, related to slow network responses.
    -Fixed bug #68 - Top Tables tab wont always show all tables that are being used. This can happen if the tables have very low usage.
    -Fixed bug #72 - Memory leak in pie chart painting leading to OutOfMemoryErrors during prolonged running (days).

1.0.7 (2009-11-09):
    -Informing when recording is slow. When the db server that you are recording from won't respond in time, a message will be shown in the status bar. Typically, this might happen if the server is very loaded, or if you have extremely high ping times to the server. In this situation, Jet Profiler will skip samples until it catches up again, meaning you will miss some statistics. It is recommended that you increase the polling interval if this happens repeatedly.
    -Fixed a potential memory leak during high load. Jet Profiler temporarily stores recorded data in an internal queue before writing it to disk. If there are a lot of extremely long queries, the disk writing might fall temporarily behind, causing the queue to grow. This could in extreme cases lead to out of memory errors once the queue grew big enough. Jet Profiler will now detect this and discard data until it catches up. A warning message will be shown in the status bar. It is recommended that you increase the polling interval if this happens repeatedly.
    -Enabled profiling when using big hosting providers. On many hosting providers, such as hostgator, you will only get database accounts with limited privileges. Jet Profiler now supports this, although the profiling results will be limited. This will enable you to roughly compare your own queries against each other. However, if the machine is under heavy load by some other user, you will get biased results. See documentation for more information.
    -Better error message when using an outdated JDBC driver on Mac OS X.
    -Fixed bug #64 - NullPointerException on Mac OS X when using filter boxes
    -Fixed bug #65 - Rare NullPointerException for tooltips in some situations
    -Fixed bug #66 - NullPointerException during rendering of the black and red Threads bar (rare)

1.0.6 (2009-10-29):
    -Clicking a rating now brings up the explain dialog directly (used to only work for queries which had not yet been explained).
    -Fixed bug #36 - Explain did not work for (SELECT ...) UNION (SELECT ...).
    -Fixed bug #62 - Occasional tooltip problems when recording due to race condition. (ArrayOutOfBoundsException -1)
    -Fixed bug #63 - Occasional tooltip problems when recording due to Swing JRE bug (NullPointerException)
1.0.5 (2009-10-22):
    -Optimized internal caching for better write performance during large recordings. Also limited caching to avoid some memory problems.
    -Optimized internal retrieval speed for top lists.
    -Leading comments are now removed from queries during normalization.
    -Explain window position and size is remembered.
    -Explain raw output is now displayed in a table.
    -Support for arbitrarily large join size values.
    -Better handling of perpetual and trial licenses.
    -New version of internal database engine and graph engine.
    -Fixed bug #53 - Chart selection is very slow on some Windows configurations. This was caused by a JVM bug with some graphics hardware accelerators.
    -Fixed bug #58 - Failed to record from databases in rare occasions when no thread id could be obtained via SELECT CONNECTION_ID().
    -Fixed bug #48 - Couldn't handle more than 32767 tables.   
    -Fixed bug #50 - State NULL falsely recorded as empty string.
    -Fixed bug #51 - Failed to record on MySQL-5.1.34 slave when server times differ. (Time column in SHOW PROCESSLIST can contain very large values due to unsigned 32-bit int in some MySQL versions)
    -Fixed bug #47 and #56 - Explain cant handle leading comments in query.
    -Fixed bug #49 - Hangs for five minutes when download fails (too high connection timeout). Only checks for updates once, even on errors.
    -Fixed bug #59 - Support for longer user names
    -Fixed bug #60 - Failed to save/load projects containing more than 255 queries with a normalized length of more than 1024 characters. The error message when loading was 'File not found: ...1.lobs.db/NNN.t65.lob.db'. This was caused by h2 database bug.
    -Fixed bug #61 - Rare NullPointerException when having connection problems on MacOSX.
    -Fixed bug #55 - Explain join size calculations are incorrect for DERIVED tables.
    -Fixed bug #54 - Query normalization not fully working with negative number parameterisation.
1.0.4 (2009-03-09):
    -Fixed bug #12 - Crashes when pointed at a slave - org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Value too long for column NAME: 'Has read all relay log; waiting for the slave I/O thread to update it' again.
1.0.3 (2009-03-06):
    -Reduced max query length from 5MB to 1MB in order to avoid OutOfMemory problems due to too long queries.
    -Small adjustments of Explain Dialog appearance.
    -Fixed bug #41 - Save As was broken on Mac.
    -Fixed bug #42 - Save As prompts for overwrite existing files twice on Mac.
    -Fixed bug #43 - Explain dialog returns error message StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on some DELETE queries.
    -Fixed bug #44 - On rare occassions stops recording from slave servers running LOAD DATA INFILE commands. Caused by limit of 127 processlist states.
    -Fixed bug #45 - It was not possible to specify empty username when connecting as anonymous user.
1.0.2 (2009-03-03):
    -QUERY FILTERING - The top queries, slow queries and locked queries tabs can now be filtered. Enter your filter text and filter for queries containing SELECT, certain users etc. You can also use Java regular expressions.
    -MAC LOOK AND FEEL - A number of features have been improved for better Mac experience. The preset buttons have a new look and feel since the default push button style would take up too much space. The menu has moved to the top of the screen in true Mac style, and the About and Quit commands are now in the application menu. The application name now says "Jet Profiler for MySQL". Save and load file dialogs are better. The close window icon can now show a document modified indicator.
    -QCache preset - A preset showing the query cache hit rate. Useful to tune your query cache usage.
    -Scans preset - A preset showing the percentage of full table scans. Useful to see ratio of indexed vs bad queries.
    -MyISAM cache preset - A preset showing the hit rate of the MyISAM key cache. Useful to reduce MyISAM disk reads.
    -Innodb cache preset - A preset showing the hit rate of the Innodb buffer pool cache, used for indices and data. Useful to reduce Innodb disk io.
    -Temp tables preset - A preset showing the percentage of temporary tables going to disk. Useful to tune GROUP BY and ORDER BY queries.
    -Cons preset - A preset showing established connections per user. Useful to tune connection pools in your applications.
    -Improved Connection Settings Dialog - The Connection Settings Dialog is now popped on startup for convenience. A record button has been added which is preselected.
    -Mac dmg installer - A real dmg installer is available. For versions 1.0.1 and older, a reinstall is needed.
    -New glossy icon - The icon has been redesigned, hope you like it.
    -Improved slave preset - The Slave preset now shows load figures in percentages from 0 to 100 for easier interpretation.
    -Improved detection of locked queries by using more internal MySQL states - Locked, Waiting for table(s), System lock, Table lock and User lock.
    -Changed locks preset - The locks preset now shows Threads locked vs Threads_running since this is a more interesting measure than the previous one. The old values Innodb_row_lock_current_waits and Table_locks_waited can still be accessed using the Line Chart Settings button in the toolbar.
    -Using eventbus.jar internally for decoupling of code.
    -Fixed bug #34 - MySQLDataException on servers with extremely high thread ids, cannot connect ok.
    -Fixed bug #35 - Connection problems during software updates takes 1 minute due to too long timeout value.
    -Fixed bug #37 - Software update fails on Mac and Linux when program path contains whitespace.
    -Fixed bug #38 - Changelog Dialog would not resize correctly.
    -Fixed bug #39 - Preset Slaves would not show slaves reading properly.

1.0.1 (2009-02-09):
    -Query Rating icons changed so more than one flag can be displayed.
    -Free version now shows the top 1 query without masking it out, making the free version more useful. Queries 2-5 are still masked out.
    -Fixed bug #30 - Line Chart Settings dialog Smooth slider look and feel on Windows
    -Fixed bug #31 - Explain Dialog doesn't resize correctly.
    -Fixed bug #32 - Chart items sometimes do not display correctly when switching between projects.

1.0.0 (2009-02-03):
    -CONNECTION BOOKMARKS - Added connection bookmarks so you can save connection information for later. Especially useful when you have a lot of servers.
    -NEW SOFTWARE PATCHER - Due to bugs in the software update mechanism, some updates did not work on Windows. The installer and software update mechanism has been rewritten to work in the same way on all operating systems and to work for all files. For Windows users, this version requires a reinstall of the program since the update is broken.
    -IMPROVED MAC LAUNCHER - For Mac OS X, automatic java detection takes place and selects the right java version. It is no longer necessary to edit the java preferences. In addition, there are better error messages in case the OS / architecture is not supported (MacOSX 10.5 or newer on Intel 64 bit is required).
    -FIRST PUBLIC RELEASE - Registration keys are no longer mandatory, as the application now has a free version mode. In the free version all features are not available.
    -Improved logging - The log files now contain more information about versions and software updates. This makes it easier to troubleshoot any problems.
    -Toolbar looks better on Vista.
    -Automatic prompting to clean data when connection is changed.
    -Registration no longer mandatory. When not registering, the software runs in free version.
    -New license agreement.
    -Fixed bug #27 - Software updates not working on Windows when updating exe files.
    -Fixed bug #28 - Manual registration dialog prompts user again and again in some cases.
    -Fixed bug #29 - White background in some toolbar buttons on Vista
0.9.13 (2009-01-27):
    -TOTAL TIME INFORMATION - An estimated total time column has been added to Top Queries, Top Users, Slow Queries and Top Locked Queries. This is an estimation of how many seconds the query has run in total.
    -LINE CHART SETTINGS - A separate dialog makes it easy to pick and order what items to display in the line chart. This is accessed using the line chart settings button in the toolbar. This replaces the drop down combo boxes below the preset buttons.
    -ONLINE DOCUMENTATION - A long online documentation has been added to the website. It is accessible from the Help menu.
    -New icons - New, beautiful icons in the toolbar. Two icons have also been added to access connection and recording settings. The rating icons (for EXPLAIN) are also new.
    -Improved performance by 30% - The SHOW STATUS command is the heaviest polling command issued by Jet Profiler (due to MUTEX:es inside MySQL). Since it provides incremental counters, the polling can be reduced without losing much information. Therefore, this command is now only issued every 4th - 5th poll. This reduces the profiling overhead on MySQL by approx 30%.
    -Improved Windows Vista compatibility - The application requires running as an administrator on Microsoft Windows Vista. This is now done automatically.
    -Line chart smoothing - Smoothing is added to the line chart per default (adjustable in the Line chart settings dialog). Smoothing helps identify trends in the data, especially when the underlying data is very uneven (such as States information).
    -Using https for server communication for increased security.
    -Status message changed to the more appropriate Status: recording (was Status: running).
    -All dialogs now use the Jet Profiler icon.
    -Fixed bug #24 - Handler_read_prev always shows 0. Logging was missing on some status variables such as Handler_read_prev.
    -Fixed bug #25 - The thread preset button didn't get properly selected when opening a new project.
    -Fixed bug #26 - OutOfMemory when dealing with really long queries. If a query is more than 5 megs, it will now get truncated. The text /* TRUNCATED */ will appear after the third word in the query.

0.9.12 (2009-01-14):
    -NEW CHART LOOK AND FEEL - The charts have got a new look and feel with nicer colors and gradient filling. The top list tables contain color symbols corresponding to the pie chart colors.
    -BETTER EVALUATION VERSION - Evaluation version no longer has 10 minute limitation. Instead, the top 3 queries are masked. Previously hidden professional features are now shown, but with teaser text to get professional version.
    -SCALABILITY - Faster and leaner when having lots of data.
    -The preset buttons are now toggle buttons, so they stay down when you select a preset.
    -Removed storing of line chart values of 0.0, since this is implicit. This can reduce the total project size by 75%, as well as increasing gui performance.
    -To avoid infinite repainting loops during high load, a back-off delay has been added. The higher the load, the less frequent repainting.
    -New About dialog.
    -New license agreement.
    -Added third_party_licenses.txt documentation to clarify under which licenses that the contained third party libraries are distributed.
    -The more appropriate terms registration and registration key are now used instead of the outdated activation and activation key.
    -Feedback in statusbar during save and load operations, since these can be lenghty on big projects.
    -New h2 database version.
    -Fixed bug #9 - Out of memory after long running. The line chart data is now downsampled to make drawing faster (max 500 values are picked). This prevents OutOfMemory errors when having LOTS of data.
    -Fixed bug #18 - Connection Settings dialog looks bad on Mac, buttons were not completely visible.
    -Fixed bug #23 - Console error message on linux after downloading updates.
0.9.11 (2008-12-17):
    -Fixed bug #22 - Software update too frequent. It couldn't make a proper diff between current version and updates, because the file list contained duplicates.
    -Fixed bug #21 - Software update shows errors when cppatch is changed, due to chicken and egg problem (linux)
0.9.10 (2008-12-17):
    -OFFLINE ACTIVATION - The software can now be manually activated, which removes the need for an internet connection. This is useful if you want to install the software in restricted environments, such as secure LANs. Please note that automatic software updates will not work in such environments.
    -INCREASED MEMORY ALLOCATION - Increased memory allocation to avoid unnecessary out of memory errors. Memory usage is now included in crash information.
    -Automatic license revalidation when expiring.
    -Updated patcher to support updates of executables on linux/mac
    -Better error messages when connection fails. Better distinction between failed to connect and failed to log in.
    -Fixed bug #17 - Got rid of log warnings for HttpMethodBase
    -Fixed bug #19 - Explain not working on MySQL 3.23 and 4.0 (Error: Column id not found).
    -Fixed bug #20 - Connection never times out against stalled server, program hangs.
0.9.9 (2008-12-09):
    -QUERY EXAMPLES - Added query examples for all queries, which are visible in the tooltip when you hoover over a query item (in the Top Queries, Slow Queries and Locked Queries tabs). This gives more accurate results from explain. Previously, queries were only stored in normalized form (e.g. SELECT x FROM y WHERE a=?). Now, the slowest examples of every query is stored. Also, ALL slow queries are stored in example form.
    -QUERY RATINGS - Added query rating based on EXPLAIN. The rating will tell you if the query used full table scans, full index scans, temporary tables, filesorting and the total join size. This is illustrated with a set of rating icons visible next to the query.
    -IMPROVED EXPLAIN - Explain now works for DELETEs, UPDATEs, DOs and INSERT..SELECT queries in addition to normal SELECT statements. This is done by first converting the UPDATE/DELETE/etc to a SELECT and then explaining it. It can handle most queries, except when it comes to subqueries. Plain INSERTs aren't supported either, since there is no SELECT equivalent.
    -Added link to forums in help menu.
    -Long operations, such as load and save, now show a waiting mouse cursor to improve user feedback.
    -Default recording settings are now kept between projects.
    -Tooltips for queries are now colored yellow to make them stand out more.
    -Fixed bug where unexpected errors would sometimes go unnoticed. Now, a dialog will always show when an unexpected error occurs. The bug was introduced in v0.9.7.
    -Fixed bug where delete selection would leave garbage line chart until refreshed.
    -Fixed bug concerning null values in internal db layer.
    -fixed bug #13 - Fails to exit after downloading updates.
    -fixed bug #14 - Clear items button fails to clear chart info text, which is misleading.
    -Fixed big #15 - Recording Settings preset dropdown not updating properly.

0.9.8 (2008-11-24):
    -SLAVE PROFILING - Added support for profiling replication slave nodes. A preset shows if the I/O thread is busy or idle, and if the slave sql thread is busy or idle.
    -MASTER PROFILING - Added support for profiling replication master nodes. A preset shows how many slaves are connected, and if they are currently reading from binlogs.
    -Slightly improved explain dialog with reworked layout and explanation of the type attribute.
    -Showing activation key window on startup to make sure users don't forget to activate the software.
    -Fixed bug #12 - Crashes when pointed at a slave - org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Value too long for column NAME
    -Fixed bug #8 - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to copy from TopQueries without selecting something first.
    -Fixed bug #11 - License and changelog text areas should start displaying at top instead of bottom.
0.9.7 (2008-11-18):
    -THREAD LOAD BARS - Colored bars added to top list tables, making it easier to compare the different items. The bar indicates the avg thread load per query / table / user.
    -EXPERIMENTAL EXPLAIN - Experimental explain feature added to query lists, available using right-click popup menu. This explains the query execution plan, indicating if the query is considered efficient or not. The query join steps are shown in a graphical diagram.
    -SAVE/LOAD - Save/load support added. You can now save your recordings for later use and comparison.
    -OVERLOAD DETECTION - Added a check to prevent overloading stalled servers. If polling lags behind due to slow servers, it will skip polling in order to catch up.
    -New version of internal database engine, h2.
    -Line chart optimized for faster painting.
    -Small changes in the tool tip shown on queries; truncated if query is too long, and only appears when over the query column.
    -Internal threading completely rewritten using Foxtrot framework to avoid swing threading problems.
    -Fixed bug #6 - Slow_queries_running gets stuck at 1 sometimes.
    -Fixed bug #7 - Zooming in infinitely on the line chart caused graphic noise.
0.9.6 (2008-10-29):
    -HELP TEXTS - Added help texts for the line chart and for the tabs. This helps explain the different metrics and data shown.
    -RECORDING SETTINGS - You can now adjust the recording settings such as the poll interval. This allows for more flexible polling, for instance, if the MySQL database has very low load.
    -SOFTWARE UPDATE INFO - Added more info button during updates. You can now see the changes included in the download.
    -SLOW QUERIES RUNNING METRICS - Added Slow_queries_running information to the Threads presets, so you easily can get a grasp of the slow query situation.
    -Recording time is now shown in the status bar.
    -Moved Top Queries to be the first tab, since this is the first thing to look for.
    -Corrected Threads_running not to include Jet Profiler itself. An idle db will now show 0 Threads_running instead of 1, which is what we want. JP should not "distort" results.
    -Removed unnecessary jar file updates, so update sizes will be smaller. Some jars would get updated all the time due to mtime being updated during build.
    -Redirecting stdout and stderr to log file to get less verbose output from command line.
    -Profiling cost is more detailed so you can see the different commands and their costs.
    -Fixed ctrl-c when copying tables containing simplified queries
    -Fixed bug #4 - Couldn't profile MySQL 3.23.57
    -Fixed bug #5 - Internal db sequences werent restarted when project was deleted.
0.9.5 (2008-10-24):
    -Fixed bug #2 - Stats item drop downs didn't update correctly
    -Fixed bug #3 - Can now check grants on MySQL 4.0.26

0.9.4 (2008-10-23):
    -Fixed bug #1 - Couldn't profile MySQL 4.1.16

0.9.3 (2008-10-23):
    -First beta release.

Version 0.4
- BUG: errors were not displayed to the user for commit and add
- BUG: in the log dialog the wrong log entries were shown when
       the selection was changed with the up/down key (Stefan)
- BUG: fixed HKLM and HKCU discrepancies in the registry settings
- BUG: now the watcher checks first if the file actually WAS under
       subversion control before trying to redo the action (Stefan)
- ENH: Revert now asks an "are you sure?" to prevent unintentional
       data loss (Stefan)
- ENH: added context menu icons (Stefan)
- ENH: added a check for temporary files when doing import/add (Stefan)
- ENH: added a crashhandler for better bug tracking - does NOT work
       with the shell integration part (sad, but true) (Stefan)
- ENH: improved speed of the column handler (Stefan)
- ENH: show messagebox when 'cleanup' has finished (Stefan)
- ENH: improved speed for icon overlay by adding small cache (Stefan)
- CHG: while receiving log messages display them so the user can
       see that something is going on (Stefan)
- CHG: overlay for anything else than 'normal' is now shown as
       'modified'. 'obstructed' and 'conflicted' are shown as
       'conflicted' as before. (Stefan)

Version 0.3
- ENH: log messages are now received from the HEAD of the repository
  and not from the workingcopy revision on. (Stefan)
- BUG: properties page in explorer crashed when a non versioned item
  inside a versioned directory was selected. (Tim)
- BUG: crash in Win95/98/Me because of 'normal' parameter instead of
  unicode. (Stefan)
- ENH: new command in log window to compare the working copy with an
  older revision. (Stefan)

Version 0.2
- basic functions are working (Tim/Stefan)
- removed WxWindows part and changed to MFC (Stefan)

Version 0.1
starting, very few thing are working and even more crashing. (Tim)

InnoDB: Doublewrite buffer created
InnoDB: Creating foreign key constraint system tables
InnoDB: Foreign key constraint system tables created
110418 16:29:10  InnoDB: Started; log sequence number 0 0
110418 16:29:10 [Note] Event Scheduler: Loaded 0 events
110418 16:29:10 [Note] wampmysqld: ready for connections.
Version: '5.1.36-community-log'  socket: ''  port: 3306  MySQL Community Server (GPL)
110418 16:31:19 [Note] wampmysqld: Normal shutdown

110418 16:31:19 [Note] Event Scheduler: Purging the queue. 0 events
110418 16:31:20  InnoDB: Starting shutdown...
110418 16:31:20  InnoDB: Shutdown completed; log sequence number 0 46409
110418 16:31:20 [Warning] Forcing shutdown of 1 plugins
110418 16:31:20 [Note] wampmysqld: Shutdown complete

110419  9:25:45 [Note] Plugin 'FEDERATED' is disabled.
110419  9:25:45  InnoDB: Started; log sequence number 0 46409
110419  9:25:45 [Note] Event Scheduler: Loaded 0 events
110419  9:25:45 [Note] wampmysqld: ready for connections.
Version: '5.1.36-community-log'  socket: ''  port: 3306  MySQL Community Server (GPL)
110419 10:18:07 [Note] wampmysqld: Normal shutdown

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