Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Software Error

software errors can prevent programs from working properly. Some of them can even cause your operating system to crash, resulting in the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. There are several types of software errors that can disrupt a computer’s performance. Knowing more about the different kinds could help you determine what type of software error your computer has encountered.

Arithmetic Software Error

An arithmetic software error occurs because programmers made mistake while writing code for the software. They might have accidentally divided a number by zero or simply added a few numbers incorrectly. Although this seems like a small problem considering that programs often have thousands of lines of code in them, a single arithmetic mistake can cause a software error that prevents you from using the program.

Logic Software Error

A logic software error will often cause the program to stall indefinitely. This type of error typically occurs when programmers accidentally counted one too many lines of code or created infinite loops. This causes the program to search for a requirement that does not exist. It’s like telling someone to start running at the count of three, but then repeating the numbers one, two over and over again. Computers are very literal, so they cannot move on to the next step until the first condition has been met.

Software Errors Caused by Viruses

In some cases, your software error could come from a virus that you don’t know has infected you computer. Certain viruses play tricks by deleting or moving important files in your system. If the file has been moved, then the program cannot locate it. Sometimes you can fix these errors by using a registry cleaner or antivirus program. If the damage has been done, though, then you might need to reinstall the program to avoid future software errors.

Software Errors Caused by User Mistakes

Software errors can also come from user error. This often occurs when someone accidentally deletes important files for the program. You can usually avoid these kinds of software errors by using a registry cleaner instead of deleting registry files manually. You should also resist the temptation to move or delete any files that are important to your computer’s operating system. If you don’t know enough about computer operating systems to differentiate between unimportant and necessary files, then you shouldn’t make any changes to these files.

Fixing Software Errors

Fixing a software error depends on the reason that the errors occurs. If you receive a software error after updating to a new version of a program, then try uninstalling any older versions and reinstalling the new one. This will help eliminate any files that contradict each other.
If your computer is missing files because you or a virus has deleted them from the registry, then you might need to use your Windows repair disc. This will reinstall missing files that you need to run the program. You could, however, lose your personal files, so be sure to back them up online or on an external hard drive.

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