Monday, May 30, 2011

online login

1) On right hand side of our website i.e., click on download option select

2) Save Sun Java in desktop and install it.

3) Go to internet explorer select tools - internet options-- advanced, in advanced please check whether Microsoft vm is visible or not,
if it is visible that means you had installed java correctly.

4) Below Microsoft vm, 3 things will be visible

a) Java console enabled

b) Java login enabled
c) Jit Compiler.

5) Tick all 3 & than scroll down there you will get use ssl 2.0 & use ssl 3.0. Tick both of them & select ok.

6) go to internet options select privacy, in privacy just check whether there is any tick mark on pop blocker, if it is there please
Remove the tick mark.

7) Go to internet options again select security, in that select custom level, just check use popup blocker is disabled

8) Than finally for last settings again go to internet options select general click on delete cookies & delete temporary internet files
And do ok

9) now restart the computer again, open our website and try to login.

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